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A distributed transactional kv store powered by Data Substrate. Store data in layered storage with lower cost and higher availability.

Strong Transaction Support

EloqKV is a transactional store service that goes beyond traditional options like Redis. With full ACID properties across distributed transactions and clusters, it can even replace MySQL + Redis combinations, eliminating cache coherence issues entirely.

Low Cost Model

Leveraging the power of Data Substrate, EloqKV stores frequently accessed data in memory for blazing-fast query performance. As data cools, it is seamlessly transferred to a low-cost cloud key-value store through asynchronous checkpoints. This innovative architecture eliminates the need to store cold data in expensive DRAM while still allowing transactional reads for cache misses. Additionally, the cloud storage offers lower operational costs, while asynchronous checkpointing minimizes IOPS requirements, further optimizing performance and cost-effectiveness.

Fast Scaling

EloqKV offers flexible, modular scaling to optimize resource utilization based on your workload patterns. When large volumes of hot data require faster access, you can scale the memory. If write traffic surges, scaling the log service ensures smooth handling. As historical data accumulates, scaling the cloud KV storage provides seamless growth. This targeted approach allows you to scale the right modules at the right time, maximizing performance and efficiency.

High Performance

Unlike Redis, which relies on a single-threaded architecture that underutilizes modern hardware, EloqKV leverages a multi-threaded approach to maximize resource utilization and achieve blazing-fast performance. By further optimizing write performance through parallel logging, EloqKV delivers a significant advantage in transactional write throughput.